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High Yielding Stocks :: Which stock in this list has the highest current yield?

Answer: FSC at 17.75% Yield. New question: Is this yield sustainable? What do ValueForum members think about this high yielding stocks, how have Value Forum members rated it from a range of strong buy to strong sell? As a member, you can join in on the discussion about high yielding stocks in general and FSC specifically, read and post messages, share your research and analysis in the stock ratings area, present your best high yielding stocks ideas to the ValueForum community for peer review and debate, even submit your high yielding stocks best picks into the quarterly and annual stock picking contests to compete for prizes. Curious how often ticker symbol FSC is mentioned in the discussion forum? FSC Message Board

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"Twelve years with ValueForum. I have been retired now for about 1 year. My two girls are both in expensive private colleges, one is an engineering major and one is graduating this year and will be going on to Med-school. I am not worried about how I will afford this. The affect of VF on my retirement is nothing short of astounding. This year I have made more money with my investments in the last 6 months than two years of my old salary as a very high paid microchip engineer. I don't worry about money, and I simply enjoy the process of investment and discussions with my good friends on VF, what I like to call my VF family. I have been with these folks on VF for over a dozen years, through thick and thin; through the highs of 2006 and the melt down of 2008 and back to the highs of 2014, all of it. I can honestly tell you it has been the best thing I could have found for investing. PERIOD. It has also been a great place to meet wonderful caring, sharing people. I look back and have calculated that my average compound rate of return or CAGR over the dozen years is about 24%. Do the math you will see that it means that I have about 13 times what I started with, all this while providing for my family etc. When people ask me what they should do with $2000 to start investing, I always tell them "spend the first $300 on a year's subscription to ValueForum." It is the BEST advice I can give them. You can give a man a fish, or you can teach him to fish. With a ValueForum membership and some diligent time spent studying they will turn that $1700 into many many thousands. I am convinced of it. New members please treat VF as the jewel it is. Always post with respect for the other members. NEVER use harsh language or words. If someone wrongs you, turn the other cheek. It is just not worth it. VF is much too valuable to tarnish or damage. Thanks for Joining ValueForum, you will never regret it if you follow those rules above. VF is simply the BEST investment forum on the planet and you have found it. Congratulations, and thank who ever told you about it. - Dig4value."

Table of High Yielding Stocks with those stocks classified by ValueForum members as "BDCS"

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High Yielding Stocks VF Member Classification Latest Stock Price Latest Dividend Declared Ex Dividend Date Annualized Dividend Annual Yield
Fifth Street Finance FSC BDCs 5.63 0.0833Monthly 08/13/14 0.9996 17.75%
Great Elm Capital GECC BDCs 12.10 0.45Quarterly 09/14/22 1.8 14.88%
Abrdn Income Credit Strategies Fund Comm ACP BDCs - REIT Hybrids 8.65 0.10Monthly 08/23/22 1.2 13.86%
Newtek Business Services NEWT BDCs 22.48 0.75Quarterly 06/16/22 3 13.35%
First Eagle Alternative Capital Bdc Inc FCRD 3.30 0.11Quarterly 09/14/22 0.44 13.34%
Investcorp Credit Management Bdc Inc ICMB 4.75 0.15Quarterly 06/16/22 0.6 12.63%
Cion Investment CION 10.24 0.31Quarterly 08/31/22 1.24 12.11%
Trinity Capital Inc TRIN BDCs 15.15 0.42Quarterly 06/29/22 1.68 11.09%
Monroe Capital MRCC BDCs 9.10 0.25Quarterly 06/14/22 1 10.99%
FS Kkr Capital FSK BDCs 22.30 0.61Quarterly 09/13/22 2.44 10.94%
Portman Ridge Finance PTMN 23.41 0.63Quarterly 08/15/22 2.52 10.76%
Kcap Financial Inc KCAP BDCs 3.75 0.10Quarterly 04/04/19 0.4 10.67%
Triplepoint Venture Growth Bdc TPVG BDCs 13.68 0.36Quarterly 09/14/22 1.44 10.53%
Slr Investment SLRC BDCs 15.62 0.1367Monthly 08/17/22 1.640004 10.50%
Oxford Square Capital Corp - Closed End OXSQ 4.00 0.035Monthly 08/16/22 0.42 10.50%
Ngp Capital Resources NGPC BDCs 6.13 0.16Quarterly 09/26/14 0.64 10.45%
Ofs Capital OFS BDCs 11.17 0.29Quarterly 09/22/22 1.16 10.38%
Goldman Sachs Bdc Inc GSBD BDCs 17.87 0.45Quarterly 09/29/22 1.8 10.07%
Blackrock Capital Investment BKCC BDCs 3.98 0.10Quarterly 09/14/22 0.4 10.05%
Vaneck Bdc Income Etf BIZD 16.57 0.4067Quarterly 07/01/22 1.6268 9.82%
Runway Growth Finance RWAY BDCs 13.59 0.33Quarterly 08/08/22 1.32 9.71%
Patriot Capital Funding PCAP BDCs 12.70 0.1033Monthly 09/13/06 1.24 9.69%
Capital Southwest CSWC BDCs 20.93 0.50Quarterly 09/14/22 2 9.56%
Oaktree Specialty Lending OCSL BDCs 7.17 0.17Quarterly 09/14/22 0.68 9.48%
Whitehorse Finance Inc WHF BDCs 15.13 0.355Quarterly 09/19/22 1.42 9.39%
Barings Bdc Inc BBDC BDCs 10.33 0.24Quarterly 09/06/22 0.96 9.29%
Pennantpark Floating Rate Capital Ltd. C PFLT BDCs 12.31 0.095Monthly 08/17/22 1.14 9.26%
Crescent Capital Bdc Inc CCAP 17.94 0.41Quarterly 09/29/22 1.64 9.14%
Owl Rock Capital ORCC 13.64 0.31Quarterly 09/29/22 1.24 9.09%
Bain Capital Specialty Finance Inc BCSF 14.97 0.34Quarterly 09/29/22 1.36 9.08%
Pennantpark Investment PNNT BDCs 6.62 0.15Quarterly 09/16/22 0.6 9.06%
Hercules Capital Inc HTGC BDCs 15.60 0.35Quarterly 08/08/22 1.4 8.97%
New Mountain Finance NMFC BDCs 13.40 0.30Quarterly 09/15/22 1.2 8.96%
Prospect Capital PSEC BDCs 8.17 0.06Monthly 08/26/22 0.72 8.81%
First Trust Specialty Finance And Financ FGB 3.75 0.0825Quarterly 08/22/22 0.33 8.80%
Kayne Anderson Energy Development KED BDCs 18.45 0.40Quarterly 07/06/18 1.6 8.67%
Saratoga Investment Corp New SAR BDCs 24.52 0.53Quarterly 06/13/22 2.12 8.65%
Horizon Technology Finance HRZN 13.87 0.10Monthly 08/17/22 1.2 8.65%
Sixth Street Specialty Lending Inc TSLX BDCs 19.50 0.42Quarterly 09/14/22 1.68 8.62%
Golub Capital Bdc Inc GBDC 14.12 0.30Quarterly 09/01/22 1.2 8.50%
Blackrock Tcp Capital TCPC BDCs 14.14 0.30Quarterly 09/15/22 1.2 8.49%
Slr Senior Investment SUNS BDCs 14.16 0.10Monthly 03/17/22 1.2 8.47%
Ares Capital Corporation - Closed End FU ARCC BDCs 20.48 0.43Quarterly 09/14/22 1.72 8.40%
Stellus Capital Investment Corporation C SCM BDCs 14.01 0.0933Monthly 08/30/22 1.1196 7.99%
Gladstone Capital GLAD BDCs 10.75 0.0675Monthly 08/22/22 0.81 7.53%
Gladstone Commercial Corporation - Real GOOD 20.88 0.1254Monthly 08/22/22 1.5048 7.21%
Fidus Investment FDUS BDCs 20.42 0.36Quarterly 09/08/22 1.44 7.05%
Suro Capital SSSS BDCs 6.64 0.11Quarterly 03/24/22 0.44 6.63%
Great Elm Capital Corp - 6.50 Notes DU GECCL BDCs 25.35 0.4108Quarterly 07/14/21 1.643056 6.48%
Main Street Capital MAIN BDCs 43.70 0.215Monthly 09/01/22 2.58 5.90%
Gladstone Investment Corporation - Busin GAIN BDCs 15.74 0.075Monthly 08/22/22 0.9 5.72%
Mcg Capital MCGC BDCs 4.43 0.05Quarterly 08/18/14 0.20 4.52%
Rand Capital RAND 14.38 0.15Quarterly 08/31/22 0.6 4.17%
D/b/a Compass Diversified Holdings Share CODI 24.74 0.25Quarterly 07/20/22 1 4.04%
Invesco Global Listed Private Equity Etf PSP 11.05 0.1042Quarterly 06/21/22 0.4166 3.77%
Ares Management Corporation Class A ARES BDCs 74.88 0.61Quarterly 09/15/22 2.44 3.26%
Gladstone Land LAND 25.80 0.0456Monthly 08/22/22 0.5472 2.12%
Wisdomtree Asia Local Debt Fund Etf ALD BDCs 44.39 0.075Monthly 02/19/19 0.9 2.03%
Resource Capital Corp Resource Capital RSO BDCs 9.98 0.054 03/28/18 0.05 0.50%
Phenixfin PFX 36.50 0.12I 07/01/22 0.12 0.33%
Capitalsource CSE BDCs - REIT Hybrids 15.50 0.01Quarterly 02/20/14 0.04 0.26%
Triangle Capital TCAP BDCs 11.80 0.54Quarterly 03/10/14 2.16 NA%
Oaktree Capital Group OAK BDCs 51.52 1.05Quarterly 05/03/19 4.2 NA%
Mvc Capital Inc MVC BDCs 9.12 0.17Quarterly 07/23/20 0.68 NA%
Logan Ridge Finance LRFC 18.80 0.0833Monthly 03/20/20 0.9996 NA%
Deleted HCAP 0.00 0.229 05/24/21 0.22 NA%

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