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06/2015 - US Physical Therapy - All Time High
06/2015 - Validus - All Time High
06/2015 - Interface - All Time High
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06/2015 - Best of the Dow
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06/2015 - 5 Technical Buy Signals: ZTS LLY JCI GME EBAY
05/2015 - Palo Alto Networks - Chart of the Day
05/2015 - IMAX Corp - All Time High
05/2015 - Cytec Industries - All Time High
05/2015 - Eagle Pharmaceuticals - All Time High
05/2015 - Corium International - All Time High
05/2015 - Omnicare To Be Acquired By CVS Health, At All Time High
05/2015 - Waters Corp - All Time High
05/2015 - Torchmark - All Time High
05/2015 - Avery Dennison - With Most Advances
05/2015 - JM Smucker - All Time High
05/2015 - Blackstone Group - All Time High
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05/2015 - Negative Price Momentum: Newlink Genetics
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05/2015 - ARES on GE Opportunity
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04/2015 - Credit Acceptance Corp
04/2015 - 5 NASDAQ 100 Stocks
04/2015 - Carter's - Chart of the Day
04/2015 - Skechers - New All Time High
04/2015 - Snap-On - New All Time High
04/2015 - 5 Breakout Small Caps
04/2015 - Asterias Biotherapeutics - New All Time High
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04/2015 - BDCs and Reflexivity Theory
03/2015 - Prism Medical (PM.V/PSDLF) a Mispriced Situation with Growth and Income
03/2015 - Energy Junk Bonds
03/2015 - Is oil production still growing?

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Other Industries
Jun. 30, 3:50 PM   somebody who?     initiates   IFT    w/ Strong Buy 
Jun. 30, 3:46 PM   somebody who?     initiates   CPG    w/ Strong Buy 
Jun. 30, 3:44 PM   somebody who?     initiates   UCO    w/ Buy 
Natural Gas
Jun. 30, 3:33 PM   somebody who?     initiates   POZN    w/ Buy 
Jun. 30, 3:31 PM   somebody who?     initiates   RBA.CA    w/ Buy 
Other Industries
Jun. 30, 3:29 PM   somebody who?     initiates   SJ.CA    w/ Buy 
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Commodities Ag
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Jul. 5, 08:51 AM Re: Greece : What next ? ... -- Election results w... mem WalterinHK Euro 30
Jul. 5, 07:26 AM Why I Didn't Short China Via FXP.............. -- ... mem AJNock China 8
Jul. 5, 01:12 AM CalPERS To Sell $3 Billion of Real Estate ...... mem AverageDow Real Estate 9
Jul. 5, 12:09 AM bob craft -- can't let this weekend pass without a... mem NORT 53
Jul. 4, 2:34 PM "God Bless America” -- Frank Sinatra consider... mem seg Family investing 48
Jul. 4, 2:28 PM Portfolio 7/4/2015 -- A rough week, but I beat the... mem Panteradon Holdings 54
Jul. 4, 1:50 PM My market analysis -- Market sucks on my end. Down... mem marcr Holdings 29
Jul. 4, 1:49 PM China Moves to Stabilize Stock Markets; Initial Of... mem martin China 9
Jul. 4, 12:07 PM Re: Greece/A Slippery Slope Indeed! ... -- <<... mem wildmap Government Poli... 15
Jul. 4, 11:56 AM Re: So who are those core companies that contin...... mem sandden General Investing 23
Jul. 4, 11:36 AM AVACF spot index reaches new high -- http://www.av... mem cancerfixer Propane 19
Jul. 4, 11:11 AM Just keep buying health insurance cos -- WASHINGTO... mem sandden General Investing 30
Jul. 4, 11:00 AM Re: Part 2 of prior post.. -- Exmar LNG Ltd formed... mem strange1 JF Companies 11
Jul. 4, 10:27 AM Part 2 of prior post -- Industry offers an initial... mem gramma JF Companies 13
Jul. 4, 10:22 AM JF/EXMAR -- Happy 4th to all! My plans for today a... mem gramma JF Companies 20

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