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Ranked: Forbes Best of the Web
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Oil Tanker Stocks Discussion at Value Forum

For years, one of the most active discussion topics at ValueForum has been tanker stocks. From oil transport to dry bulk shipping, with discussions as broad as the tanker sector generally and specifically drilling down to individual stock picks, tankers have truly been one of the key components of the Transport topic at Value Forum, with 100s of posts covering Tankers and Dry Bulk Shipping, and with a wide variety of oil tanker stocks rated from strong buy to strong sell by ValueForum members in the stock ratings section.

With a current count of 547 members (7 members online right now), Value Forum -- or "VF" for short -- is the premier online investment discussion and collaboration community for serious value and income investors located around the world, focused on stocks including oil tanker stocks and dry bulk shipping, and the overall investment markets. With over 125 topics in the forum including broad topics such as transportation and Tankers, narrow topics such as Dry Bulk Shipping, and individual tanker stock companies such as Frontline (FRO), the transport sector and oil tanker stocks are key discussion topics to be found in the forum. Value Forum also boasts a stock ratings system with over 1000 rated stocks including oil tanker stocks, quarterly and year-long stock picking contests, group polls (one recent poll asked, "Would you buy any tanker stocks now, and if so, what is your favorite?"), shared portfolios, a group calendar system, and other online collaboration tools. Membership at VF lets you tap into a stream of oil tanker stock discussions and trading and investment ideas from extraordinarily sharp individuals just like yourself, and test your own ideas about tankers and other stocks, strategies, and ideas, against peer review by the community.

Random member testimonial:
       "VF has been a blessing to me and my family. Even if you are not a big contributor, the information is there for you to read. It is amazing that the fine members of VF will openly help and provide ideas to enhance each others investing."
Read other guidance & testimonial messages from existing VF members »

Unlike the large free public investment sites, at Value Forum we verify the true identity of each paying member by running their credit card. This means each participant has true and full accountability for their actions, we have true ability to permanently block Terms of Use abusers from the community, and true ability to enforce our "no-alias policy" -- at ValueForum you'll never have to wonder whether you are talking about oil tanker stock ideas with multiple people or with various aliases of the same person. By contrast, at free public sites featuring oil tanker stock discussion that require merely a working email address to join, it can be impossible to stop the same person from establishing multiple accounts and using those extra accounts for nefarious purposes.

Because Value Forum is supported by revenues from membership fees, not only can you rest assured that our company will keep the site running for years to come, every page of our site is designed and maintained with our members in mind and what is most convenient to them, as opposed to advertiser-supported sites focused primarily on generating the most page views, optimizing their pages for advertisements instead of content, and squeezing as much ad revenue from each page as possible even if that means big annoying flashing banners. At Value Forum, we listen to our members and are constantly adding and improving site features to maximize member satisfaction, creating new tanker and other topics when requested, and are always available to talk with members. Plus, you'll benefit from offers and discounts we negotiate on behalf of the community.

As a private discussion forum community, ValueForum members collaborate only with one another, not the entire public, and members are not permitted to redistribute (copy/paste etc.) the work of other members outside of the VF community (violators forfeit membership - you don't want your ideas on oil tanker stocks leaving the forum, and other members expect the same). Full messages and stock ratings are readable by members-only, creating an environment that encourages discussion and debate and discourages those seeking to "pump," "bash," or "spam" (at VF, such bad behavior forfeits membership). The "riff-raff" are instead attracted to free public sites that provide the largest possible public audience (an audience which includes search engines that crawl, index, and store pages). At Value Forum, non-member visitors, including search engines, are not permitted to read full messages or stock ratings. "What gets posted to ValueForum stays on ValueForum."

As a guest, you may only access the ''headlines'' to each post designated ''members only'', but may not view the full text of a post. Messages are also posted privately between smaller groups of members. Can't wait to start reading and discussing ideas about oil tanker stocks in the forum? When you Join ValueForum ($$) now and pay securely by credit card, you are granted full member access to read ''members only'' posts, and send and receive private messages.

A 24-Hour Trial pass may be purchased for $5.99 to sample what ValueForum has to offer; a 3-Month pass may be purchased for $99.99; a 6-Month pass may be purchased for $169.99, and a 12-Month pass may be purchased for $299.99. Your purchase may be tax-deductible as an investment expense -- always consult your accountant for tax-related questions.

As a guest, feel free to read the message headlines in the discussion forum to get a sense of the topics currently under discussion (for instance see the number of posts this month in the various tanker focused topics of the forum), view the group polls (although poll results are visible to members only), and see which of your favorite oil tanker stocks the members have rated strong buy - strong sell in the Stock Ratings area.

To take a tour of VF and what our site has to offer, feel free to take the VF walkthrough. Also, read through "Guidance & Testimonial" messages from existing members, with helpful information you should know as a new member.

Email us at should you have any questions, or call us at 516-605-2277 and we'll be glad to chat.

Thanks for visiting!

"ValueForum is an active, private, online discussion community for stock & bond market investing. In discussion forums divided into finely grained topics, you will find sophisticated investors trading tips, research, and due diligence on value stocks, income investments, forex, market news, and more. Join in - trade ideas, strategies, current news, via our unique message bulletin boards, stock ratings system, and other online tools specifically geared toward our community."

Random member testimonial: "VF is a great group of value seeking investors, who are most generous in sharing their research, news, business expertise, and investment experience. It is an invaluable resource, and brings many 'lessons learned' to the group." more testimonials »

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