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Oct. 3, 12:57 PM Re: USMCA Replaces NAFTA............................. mem cervalces Canada 11
Oct. 3, 11:18 AM USMCA Replaces NAFTA.......................... -- ... mem cervalces Canada 29
Aug. 31, 6:34 PM Advantage AAV Announces U.S. Delisting...FWIW. -- ... mem strange1 Royalty Trusts 9
May. 29, 11:10 AM BNS -- buy today on earnings sell-off [ eom ] mem banker2001 Business Trusts 5
May. 21, 3:37 PM Forgot that today is Victoria Day -- Tried to plac... mem jbsbill Canada 6
Apr. 14, 10:40 PM Canada Stocks Predicted Up 13% -- <Fiera Capita... mem cervalces Canada 23
Jan. 5, 09:21 AM Canada Unemployment Lowest in 40 Years -- <i>... mem mateo55 Canada 19
Dec. 6, 10:13 AM Canada leaves interest rate unch at 1% -- <i>... mem mateo55 Canada 8
Nov. 1, 5:28 PM Remember the Halloween Massacre? -- When Canadian ... mem jbsbill Royalty Trusts 37
Aug. 7, 1:57 PM Civic Holiday in Ontario - Market closed -- They n... mem jbsbill Canada 10
Jun. 30, 10:45 AM We are the best? -- Just noticed this announcement... mem fotboy Canada 19
May. 21, 10:11 PM Re: The Equetia Letter ... -- VF-Fatboy posted...&... mem strange1 Canada 11
May. 21, 6:13 PM The Equetia Letter -- A few months ago I signed up... mem fotboy Canada 21
Feb. 6, 11:03 AM Ithaca Energy (IAE.CA or IACAF) taken out -- The d... mem jbsbill Jr Canadian 10
Dec. 22 2016, 11:16 AM TSX schedule and Canadian tax loss issues -- TSX c... mem jbsbill Canada 7

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Oct. 17 2018, 10:18 AM ET
created by Panteradon (to members only)
Poll Type: Multiple Choice
NRZ. Holding through earning or not
(choose one best answer)
   Yes holding
   No selling
   Selling some
   Buying more
   I have no clue
   Not Applicable
All votes final
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Oct. 14 2018, 4:14 PM ET
created by jonsventnor (to members only)
Poll Type: Enter Any Text
List the floating rate investment with highest yield, and safest.
(type an answer between 1 and 25 characters long)
Vote change allowed until:
Tuesday, November 13, 3:14 PM

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Sep. 16 2018, 10:42 PM ET
created by maxxxlg (to members only)
Poll Type: Check All That Apply
Vote for up to (6) of these alphabetically listed items which you see as potentially the most serious economic problems facing the U.S. in the years ahead
(check all that apply)
   China supplanting the U.S. as the major economic world power & advancing faster in new technologies
   Democrats winning control of the house in November
   Fed increasing short-term interest rates too much
   Financial crisis of the same/greater level as 2008 but not necessarily due to the same causes
   Growing unsustainable national debt
   Increasing vulnerability of people, businesses, and institutions to cybersecurity problems
   Major stock market crash of 25% or more
   Recession beginning sometime in 2019-2020
   Trade wars continuation
   Trump Administration meltdown
   U.S. infrastructure problems not being addressed
All votes final
view current results (144 votes) »
create a new poll »
Ignore polls created by maxxxlg »
Sep. 14 2018, 5:23 PM ET
created by Panteradon (to members only)
Poll Type: Multiple Choice
Will you be buying the new Iphone Xs
(choose one best answer)
All votes final
view current results (95 votes) »
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Community building @ The Coffee Shop, for off-topic discussions not directly related to investing The VF companion site for off-topic discussions not directly related to investing
Date Message Type Posted By Topic Rec
Oct. 22, 2:47 PM Texas Micro Brew -- releasing some new brews: Kava... mem vf-doss2 3
Oct. 22, 1:54 PM All's well that ends well. For the price of a -- b... mem vf-tennee9899 Crime 7
Oct. 22, 10:11 AM Hondurans burn American flag and want to be welcom... mem vf-psuherb Immigration 12
Oct. 22, 09:01 AM Re: #HeToo Movement Begins ... -- From https://www... mem vf-JamesRWhite Current Events 15
Oct. 22, 08:58 AM Re: #HeToo Movement Begins ... -- https://www.huff... mem vf-JamesRWhite Current Events 10
Oct. 22, 08:44 AM #HeToo Movement Begins -- Spartacus Falls? Cory ...This post contains an attachment mem vf-JamesRWhite Current Events 21
Oct. 22, 08:25 AM Trump: New middle Class tax cut by Nov 1- LIAR -- ... mem vf-horn Taxes 3
Oct. 21, 9:57 PM Pleasant Pheasant Pause....................... -...This post contains an attachment mem vf-cervalces Animals 13
Oct. 21, 6:22 PM Re: Will the migrants join together to sue the ...... mem vf-cti1usnret Crime 10
Oct. 21, 6:10 PM Re: Who is Funding the Caravan?? ... -- >>&g... mem vf-JamesRWhite Immigration 18
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