Nothing spectacular to report  but it looks like the market may have bottomed out.  Below is a chart of the Value Line Arithmetic Index of 1700 stocks which shows the price vs the 20, 50 and 100 day moving averages plus a 14 day turtle channel.  It does not indicate a rebound but does show movement off a bottom.

My support level on major indexes is the 50-100 Day MACD Oscillator and you can see that we are below that level and climbing slightly.  I usually say above the 20 DMA - On Your Mark; above the 50 DMA - Get Set and when you are above the 100 DMA - GO!.

In addition, when I consider the 10,000+ stocks in the Barchart data base the majority are still trading below their moving averages.  As I write this article the percentage trading above their DMAs are:

At the bottom I can say : "Runners" but not "On your mark" just yet.

This morning I used Barchart to sort the NASDAQ 100 stocks first for the highest technical buy signals, then I used the Flipchart feature to review the charts.  Nothing here to really brag about but here are 5 stocks that weren't hurt too bad in the recent market weakness.  

The list today includes Dollar Tree (DLTR), Ross Stores (ROST), Kraft Heinz (KHC), Facebook (FB) and Mattel (MAT).

Dollar Tree (DLTR)

Barchart technical indicators:
Ross Stores (ROST)

Barchart technical indicators:
Kraft Heinz (KHC)

Barchart technical indicators:
Facebook (FB)

Barchart technical indicators:
Mattel (MAT)

Barchart technical indicators: