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Jul. 20, 7:19 PM Don't shoot the messenger. Oaktree Specialty Lendi... mem samiamdj BDCs 20
Jul. 20, 11:02 AM BDC Weekly Review -- BDC Weekly Review: Early Earn... mem samiamdj BDCs 14
Jul. 17, 10:36 AM Exited BDCs -- Hi VFers, hope you are all well. Bi... mem NAL BDCs 62
Jul. 16, 1:59 PM $TRIN Trinity Capital new issue baby bond (TR... mem martin BDCs 13
Jul. 16, 09:02 AM SA on Trinity Capital -- Trinity Capital: A Growin... mem samiamdj BDCs 24
Jul. 13, 12:12 PM BDC Weekly Review -- BDC Weekly Review: The Benefi... mem samiamdj BDCs 10
Jul. 12, 09:36 AM OCSL? Trending but how low? Div sustainable? -- CF... mem jonsventnor BDCs 5
Jul. 11, 10:40 PM Re: Runway Q2 2024 Portfolio Update ... -- <i&g... mem 5717 BDCs 50
Jul. 11, 08:44 AM Runway Q2 2024 Portfolio Update -- Runway Growth F... mem samiamdj BDCs 15
Jul. 10, 2:25 PM SAR Q1 2025 Earnings Call Transcript -- Saratoga I... mem samiamdj BDCs
Jul. 9, 6:42 PM SAR Quick Look Q1 Earnings -- Saratoga Investment ... mem samiamdj BDCs 9
Jul. 5, 1:34 PM 2 Very Overrated & Very Underrated BDCs -- 2 Very ... mem samiamdj BDCs 26
Jul. 3, 08:31 AM BDC/MREIT weekly targets -- eom [ eom ] mem bigtex BDCs 20
Jul. 1, 12:53 PM SA-CION Investment Corp: Big Discount -- CION Inve... mem samiamdj BDCs 7
Jun. 25, 11:55 AM TRIN, I've been watching my wife collect hefty div... mem jordan BDCs 20

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Jul. 20 2024, 12:30 PM ET
created by Petros (to members only)
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Jun. 28 2024, 10:17 AM ET
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Were you surprised at the outcome of the Trump/Biden Debate?
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May. 2 2024, 08:57 AM ET
created by donnichols (to members only)
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I'm beginning to consider municipal bond funds or (preferably) CEFs. Looking for investment-grade only but will consider all maturities, even muni MMFs. What symbols should I investigate?
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Date Message Type Posted By Topic Rec
Jul. 21, 5:01 PM Trump's response to Biden withdrawal-- -- https://... mem vf-psuherb Current Events 1
Jul. 21, 2:10 PM Heroism comes in many forms and defined in -- diff... mem vf-wavery Heroes 3
Jul. 21, 08:04 AM Anti Psychopathic Pac......................... -- ... mem vf-horn Mental Health 1
Jul. 21, 04:58 AM Israeli jets hit Houthi targets in Yemen -- Israel... mem vf-johnkill Terrorism 11
Jul. 20, 4:19 PM Awesome Domination of RNC Coverage............ -...This post contains an attachment mem vf-tankerat News Media 8
Jul. 20, 3:48 PM Foul play suspected in Trump hit- -- https://choic... mem vf-psuherb Opinion 5
Jul. 20, 11:51 AM good old msnbc -- mem vf-bigtex TV shows 7
Jul. 20, 04:48 AM Sheila Jackson Lee dead of cancer at 74 -- -- A lo... mem vf-doss2 Government 7
Jul. 19, 9:17 PM Crooks flew a drone over rally site -- https://tow... mem vf-psuherb Odd News 4
Jul. 19, 3:24 PM And the coincidences keep coming! -- -- At the Tru... mem vf-doss2 guns 13
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