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Aug. 29 2016, 3:45 PM ET
created by sysop (to members only)
Poll Type: Share Your Trades
What did you buy or sell today?
(enter a trade)
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Aug. 28 2016, 3:33 PM ET
created by homesteader (to members only)
Poll Type: Multiple Choice
In order to determine how accurately your figures reflect your actual portfolio performance, how is your portfolio performance determined?
(choose one best answer)
   Other than actual portfolio earnings (divs, etc), no monies were added or withdrawn.
   Monies were added or withdrawn but adjusted for, so that total is accurate reflection of portfolio performance.
   Monies were added and/or withdrawn and NOT adjusted for, so total is not actual reflection of portfolio performance.
Vote change allowed until:
Sunday, September 4, 3:33 PM

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Aug. 17 2016, 11:11 PM ET
created by cilljoe (to members only)
Poll Type: Enter Any Text
ASSUME: Oil recovers in 4th Qtr & 2017. Which Sm & Mid Cap E&Ps (NOT Lrg), Sand, Service Cos benefit most? PURPOSE: A VFer list that Outperforms. List 1-5 Stks YOUD buy, i.e. EMES, MEMP, PXD, MRO, GST
(type an answer between 2 and 30 characters long)
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Aug. 15 2016, 10:59 AM ET
created by norskgold (to members only)
Poll Type: Multiple Choice
For those indicating that they would NOT attend the next InvestFest. WHY?
(choose one best answer)
   Over all not affordable
   Not worthwhile
   Can receive all the info from attendee's posts
   Unable to travel due to job, illness, etc.
   Program too long (4 days)
   Not Applicable
All votes final
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